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12:00 PM, March 9, 2019

Time to Change?

St. Lawrence University

Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall

23 Romoda Dr.

Canton, New York 13617


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Stay informed with most recent news about TEDxStLawrenceU by following our Facebook and Twitter news feeds. Here you will find updates and news from around the world that relate to the theme of the conference Time to Change?. You will also learn more about our excellent speakers who you can look forward to seeing at the event. Go to Social >>

About TEDxStLawrenceU

The idea to organize a TEDx event at St. Lawrence University was first suggested in January 2016 in a speech given by the president of St. Lawrence University, William L. Fox ’75, to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In his speech, the president emphasized the importance of defending and promoting diversity, and how we, despite the progress achieved in recent decades have a long way to go in order to bring peace and prosperity to our communities.

It is apparent that we as a society need to have a conversation. There are issues our community members face due to their skin color, culture, views, and other that often cause conflicts. At St. Lawrence, we believe that these conflicts should belong to the past as mistakes that we must learn from. The TEDxStLawrenceU event is a part of the efforts to start the long needed conversation and promote diversity of all kinds. A group of passion-driven students and staff is working towards providing an inspiring and eye-opening opportunity for all to raise awareness and provoke action. Learn more about us >>

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